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Interscholastic Equestrian Association - It's your future. Take the reins. Grades 6 - 12.

2023-2024 Application
to Host an IEA Horse Show

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Primary Host applications MUST include the attached:
and appropriate payment of fee ($140 per competition day)

Show applications will not be complete and will not be processed without the included Insurance Request Form and payment.

Click here to access the Event Insurance Application

Application Form Terms & Conditions
The show management agrees to abide by all IEA rules and policies, and acknowledges liability for subsequent fines if these rules are not followed. In addition, the management certifies that the requested show date has been confirmed by the Zone Administrator.

I acknowledge and agree that by clicking to initial the boxes in this agreement I am providing an electronic signature as defined by the Global and National Commerce Act and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act. I affirm that I am authorized to sign this document on behalf of the minor participant and I acknowledge that an electronic signature is treated the same as a written signature for all legal intents and purposes.

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